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Clubs and shows and how they run

Dedication of members is just part of the formula that makes a club popular year after year. People want to belong to a group that “does things,” and for horse people that means a club that puts on a variety of events — trail rides, play days, shows, clinics — with a board in place that welcomes member input.A successful club is one where those involved in its management willingly give time and treasure to make the events fun and keep members and others […]

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Aug. 27MOP tour — Visit Mea Ola’s Place, meet the residents and learn about “The Place For Survivors,” 11080 Johnson Road, Phelan. Check out volunteer, sponsor and foster opportunities, too. Tour is from 2 to 5 p.m., text to confirm 661-557-2680. Tours are free, but donations are appreciated.Sept. 3Driving show — Valley Center Vaqueros 2017 Pleasure Driving Show, […]

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For want of a shoe …and a shoer

The current online newsletter from The Horse magazine has a wonderful article (No. 27897) entitled “Finding a Farrier.”Marie Rosenthal, MS, interviewed David Duckett, a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and master farrier and blacksmith based in Ambler, Pennsylvania.Duckett believes a competent farrier is much like a reliable car mechanic. Shoers find themselves dealing with problems caused by genetics, disease or illness. They may need to handle […]

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Stoddard Wells access shut off starting next week

Strategist Steve Bannon leaves Trump’s turbulent White House

This Desert Life: From Turner’s to Safeway (or vice versa)

‘Christmas Hero’ project to honor local man who sacrificed his life to save children

VICTORVILLE — Judith Claridad said she and her family will mark the 10th anniversary of her husband’s death by helping the homeless of the Victor Valley.Claridad’s “Christmas Hero: Warmth & Love” project, which includes collecting and handing out jackets, mittens and hats for the homeless, will be done to honor the legacy of Claro Claridad, Judith’s husband, who sacrificed his life by saving two children who fell through ice-covered […]

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Annual Barrel Game rivalry to turn purple for cancer awareness

APPLE VALLEY — Wearing superhero capes, masks and purple socks, the principals of two rival high schools squared off and exchanged a few friendly words as they prepared for battle.Principal Dustin Conrad from Apple Valley High School and Chuck McCall from Granite Hills High School donned the unusual garb Thursday to show support for the American Cancer Society and their involvement in the annual Barrel Game on Sept. 1 at Newton T. Bass Stadium in Apple Valley.Both […]

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Judge’s decision that Scott Dekraai can’t get the death penalty draws strong responses

Judge Thomas Goethals’ ruling Friday, Aug. 18, that mass murderer Scott Dekraai cannot face the death penalty surprised and angered some who expected he would be sentenced to die. Others, however, were relieved that Dekraai soon should be sentenced nearly six years after he killed eight people in and around a Seal Beach salon in 2011.

He later pleaded guilty to their murders .

Dekraai has been awaiting his sentencing during hearings that examined the Orange County justice system.

Rebecca Kohler of Long Beach said she generally opposes the death penalty, but not in the case of Scott Dekraai. (Photo by Susan Christian Goulding/SCNG)
Rebecca Kohler of Long Beach said she generally opposes the death penalty, but not in the case of Scott Dekraai. (Photo by Susan Christian Goulding/SCNG)

“I’m more anti-death penalty than pro-death penalty,” said Robin Kohler, a 57-year-old Long Beach resident and pet store manager. “But in this case I was for it.

“I hate Scott Dekraai. No other word for it. I somewhat understand the judge’s decision and how the legal system works to protect us all. But what Dekraai did was evil.”

Tanner Nelson on Friday walked his German shepherd puppy near Salon Meritage, the site of the murders.

“My friend Kaesen’s mom Christy Wilson was taken away in that shooting,” said Nelson, a 24-year-old instructional aide from Seal Beach. “So, yeah, I think the guy deserves the death penalty.

“Anybody who kills someone deserves the death penalty. But this hits home.”

The wait for Dekraai to be sentenced has weighed heavily on the victims’ families and local residents who hoped to move forward in their lives.

“Good. Now the families who have been through so much can get on with their lives,” Jed Shafer, a 64-year-old Seal Beach resident, said. “The death penalty would have meant endless appeals, endless court hearings.”

Some family members had asked Goethals to take the death penalty off the table as a way to bring some resolution to the case.

“I honor this judge and what it took to do an unpopular thing in Orange County, but the right thing for everyone involved here,” said Bethany Webb, whose sister was killed in the shooting rampage.

Paul Wilson, whose wife Christy died in the attack, said, “I’m happy with the decision, the feeling of relief. The fact that I don’t have to worry about it any more is huge.”

Mike and Rebecca Hiskey of Long Beach said they were OK with Judge Thomas Goethals' ruling. (Photo by Susan Christian Goulding/SCNG)
Mike and Rebecca Hiskey of Long Beach said they were OK with Judge Thomas Goethals’ ruling. (Photo by Susan Christian Goulding/SCNG)

Long Beach residents Mike and Rebecca Hiskey, who were riding bicycles on Main Street in Seal Beach, said they had no problem with Goethals’ decision.

“I am not a fan of the death penalty to begin with,” Mike Hiskey said. “I feel that life without parole is enough.

“They screwed up the case. This has gone on for six years – that’s mind-blowing. The death penalty would drag it on even longer.”

Said Rebecca Hiskey: “I’m OK with the judge’s decision. There’s still justice in life without parole.”

Here’s a sampling of some of the reaction immediately after Goethals’ decision:







More to come on this story.

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Weather at Orange County’s beaches might block out Monday’s solar eclipse

While most of Orange County will have a good view, solar eclipse watchers might want to avoid the beaches.

The National Weather Service is forecasting overcast skies for the coast on Monday morning, when the total eclipse will hit the continental United States for the first time in 38 years.

But simply moving a couple of miles inland will give you a clear sky.

“We are not expecting significant cloud (coverage) except in the coastal areas,” said James Brotherton, a San Diego-based meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Some beaches may have only a partial overcast, so from there you may be able wiggle your vision around any pesky clouds to watch the eclipse.

But other beaches will suffer from a completely overcast sky. Then, the only thing you will see is .. well … not much. The sky will just get darker.

Want sunglasses to protect your eyes during the eclipse? Good luck

How to protect your eyes during next week’s solar eclipse in Southern California

It is too difficult to say which beaches will be clear, Brotherton said, adding that the overcast skies are coming from marine layers.

“Air over the ocean is much more humid,” he explained. “So when it interacts with the land, it causes the clouds to form. It’s a pretty typical coastal weather.”

The overcast skies will clear out by around noon, but the eclipse will be over by then.

But Brotherton said anywhere outside of the beaches is a good place to watch the eclipse: “Your favorite area is the best place to see the eclipse.”

By 10 o’clock, when the eclipse will be near its fullest, the coastal and valley areas will have temperatures in the 70s. The inland areas will be in the 80s, with the desert areas offering temperatures in the 80s and the 90s.

You can see the detailed forecast of the region’s weather at the National Weather Services’ website.





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